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After downloading the ISO file, you'll need to use Boot Camp Assistant to move it to a bootable USB drive. Insert a USB flash drive to your Mac. Make sure it's at least 8GB, which is usually marked. But, the ways to transfer something varies according to the devices. The same rule implies here too. Scroll down to know all the possible means which tell how to transfer music from computer to flash drive. It is not all that challenging task to do, all you need is a USB flash drive and then follows this process. Insert an 8GB (or larger) flash drive, and give it a name. For this tutorial, we've named it Untitled. Make sure the drive is formatted OS X Extended (Journaled). Drag the Mac OS X Install ESD icon into the Source field on the right (if it isn’t already there). Connect to your Mac the hard drive or flash drive you want to use for your bootable Lion installer.

No. Why don't you take your MacBookPro to work and connect to your office network.

Once downloaded and prior to installing look in your Applications folder for Install Mac OS X El

make a copy of this to USB or other device/media. This is handy to have if you want to re install the OS without

needing to be on the internet, or installing it on another Mac.

If you are moving up from Snow Leopard to El Capitan, make sure there are updates for your third party apps

as this is quite a jump, and remember after SL power pc apps were are longer supported.

Dec 1, 2015 1:33 AM

Apple Mac OS X Lion is now available to general public. The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is available for installation only from the Mac App Store. This guide will teach you how to create a bootable USB Flash drive of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and install Lion from USB, rather than downloading it from Mac App Store on each and every Mac computer you own.

Despite of numerous great and awesome features, Mac OSX Lion 10.7 has a big flaw that it is not available in bootable USB or DVD right now. Every time you you want to install OSX Lion on a Mac you will need to download it from Mac App Store all over again. Thanks to the bootable USB method which eliminates the downloading of Mac OS X Lion for each and every device and lets you install Mac OS X Lion on any Mac.


Note: An official bootable USB of Mac OSX ion 10.7 will be available in August 2011 for $69. This method not only eliminates the wait for the official, it also saves you $40 (Mac App Store version costs $29).

Creating a bootable Mac OS X Lion 10.7 USB Flash drives requires medium level Mac knowledge, however, by following these simple instructions even a beginner should be able to install Mac OS X Lion via USB Flash Drive.

Why make a bootable Lion USB drive?

  • You can perform a clean OS X Lion installation with the bootable USB drive
  • The bootable Lion USB drive becomes a recovery disk with Disk Utility access, access to Time Machine backups, re-installation, and all other Recovery HD partition features
  • You will have external media to recover and reinstall Lion in the event of total drive failure or some other catastrophe
OntoDownload Mac Os Onto A Flash Drive

Required Stuff

  • Purchase and Download Mac OS X Lion from the App Store
  • 4GB USB Flash drive (8GB recommended)

If you have arranged the above mentioned items, simply follow the detailed guide below to create a bootable Mac OS X Lion 10.7 USB Flash Drive…

Step 1 – Locate the Lion InstallESD.dmg file

Once the Lion downloading is complete, go to the Applications folder and find the Install Mac OS X file you just downloaded;
Right click on the Install Mac OS X file and select Show Package Contents;

Now go to Contents > SharedSupport directory. Locate the file named: InstallESD.dmg and copy it on your desktop.

Step 2 – Format The USB

  1. Before formatting, If you have any data on your USB drive then save it;
  2. Plug the USB flash drive into your Mac;
  3. Launch Disk Utility from Applications;
  4. Select the plugged USB from the Left pane on the Disk Utility and click on Partition tab;
  5. Select 1 Partition from the Volume Scheme dropdown menu;
  6. Input a name for the USB and Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled);
  7. Now click on Options button at the bottom. Select GUID Partition Table and click OK. Now click on Apply at the bottom right to start formatting.
Download Mac Os Onto A Flash Drive

Step 3 – Make Mac OS X Lion Bootable USB

  1. Double-click on InstallESD.dmg (that you copied onto your Mac desktop) to mount the Lion disk image (mounted InstallESD.dmg should appear on Disk Utility application and desktop);
  2. Select the plugged USB from the Left pane on the Disk Utility and then go to Restore tab;
  3. Click and drag the IMac OS X Install ESD from the left pane and drop it in the Source field;
  4. Then Click and Drag the USB drive from the left pane and drop it in the Destination field;
  5. Make sure you have chosen the right USB drive, you don’t want to format the wrong drive and then click on Restore button;
  6. This will restore the Lion 10.7 image to the USB Flash drive. Wait for the process to complete.

Download Mac Os Onto Flash Drive

Step 4 – Boot Mac OS X Lion from USB

  1. Reboot your Mac with the USB drive plugged in.
  2. Hold down the alt/Option key on your keyboard when you hear the OS X start-up sound.
  3. Choose the USB Flash Drive from there to boot.
  4. Now follow the on screen instructions to install OS X Lion.

Download Mac Os Onto A Flash Drive Iso

You can follow the Step 4 to install Lion on other Macs with the bootable USB you just created.

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